You are purchasing a COVID safety sign made from aluminium composite with printed or cut vinyl graphics.

The actual COVID Sign design you are purchasing is shown above in the first product picture. 


Using the drop-down options shown on the right, your sign can come with one or more of the extras listed.

  • Tough Gaurd Protection, for additional protection and extending the life of the sign's graphics.
  • Fixing Holes Drilled in the corners, for fixing the sign.
  • Double-sided foam pads on the rear, for fixing the sign.



We would advise that signs larger than 610 x 610mm should be fixed using Screws, therefor should be drilled prior to fixing. 

If you choose our high tack double-sided adhesive foam tape fixing option. you should note that the performance of the tape is determined purely by the surface it is adhering too. Rough, textured or poor quality painted surfaces may not allow the fixing to adhere properly or limit the time it will stay in place.



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Tough Guard Protection
    • ​​​​ENVIRONMENT:

    This sign product can be used indoors or outdoors.
    Every element of this products build is 100% water proof.
    To maximise the life of the product, the tough gaurd protection option should be chosen above. This will prevent Abrasion/Scuff, UV and Chemcial attack on the graphics ink itself.


    Unlike most Covid19 signs and labels being sold, all graphics and colours used in our sign designs conform to ISO Global Standards and Safety Sign regulations. This is an extremely important conformity that your company adheres to as it may affect your insurance in the event of a claim. 


    All our signs come with the additional option of a Tough Gaurd Protection. The graphics on any sign are subjected to Abrasive, U.V. and Chemical damage on a daily basis. Using heat and pressure, we bond a transparent vinyl coating over the face of the graphics which encapsulates and completely protects it.

    • INK & VINYL:

    Graphics are printed using high quality HP eco-freindly long life Latex Ink. Alternatively, If Graphics are poduced in cut vinyl, we will use only Oracal or 3M polymeric 7 year life vinyl.


    All our signs are manufactured using 3mm thick aluminium composite baord. This sheet material has an aluminium face and rear with a polythene core, ensuring maximum life of our health and safety sign products.